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What’s in the Box

  • Go
  • Cloud 2 Chamber
  • Cover, metal straw, straw cap and dab tool
  • 10 Pearls
  • Wrist strap and USB-C cable to USB-C cable
  • 4 Q-tips

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart rig and how does it work?

A smart rig is an advanced, electronic device designed for vaporizing concentrates or dry herbs. It offers precise temperature control, ease of use, and an enhanced

What are the key features to look for in a smart rig?

Key features to look for in a smart rig include precise temperature control, fast heat-up time, quality materials, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with concentrates or dry herbs.

How does a smart rig differ from traditional dab rigs or vaporizers?

A smart rig offers precise temperature control, customizable settings, and often app integration, while traditional dab rigs or vaporizers may lack these advanced features. Traditional rigs also typically require a torch for heating, whereas smart rigs are electronic and torch-free.

Is this smart rig compatible with both concentrates and dry herbs?

Yes, as of 4/2/23, we only offer concentrate coils for smart rigs, but stay tuned for revolutionary dry herb coils. To receive updates on their release, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media.

What is the price range for smart rigs and what factors influence the cost?

Smart rig prices can range from around $100 to over $500, depending on the brand, materials used, and features offered. More expensive rigs typically offer advanced features, better build quality, and enhanced performance.

Can I use my smart rig with a mobile app, and what features does the app offer?

Many smart rigs can be used with a mobile app, offering features such as temperature control, session tracking, and firmware updates. While we currently do not offer app compatibility, we plan to introduce this feature by the beginning of 2024.

How do I clean and maintain a smart rig?

To clean a smart rig, disassemble the device and clean the components with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab or soft cloth. Regular maintenance will ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your rig.

What are the power and battery requirements for a smart rig? Are there any portable options?

All smart rigs require charging on a regular basis for optimal performance and long lifespan, with no batteries needed. Smart rigs are one of the most popular options for a portable full experience on the market.

Are there any safety features or precautions to consider when using a smart rig?

Safety features to consider when using a smart rig include auto shut-off, overheat protection, no flames and child lock. Always follow the Yocan's instructions and take proper precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What are some of the most popular and reliable smart rig brands on the market?

Popular features of a smart rig include precise temperature control, precise heat duration control, quick heat-up times, portable full future experience, and the ability to save preferred settings or create custom profiles.

Are there any warranties or guarantees available for smart rigs? If so, what do they cover?

We do offer warranties for our all of our devices, which typically cover defects in materials and workmanship. Be sure to read the warranty information provided to understand what is covered and any limitations

Can I customize or upgrade my smart rig with additional accessories or attachments?

Yes, can be customized or upgraded with accessories such as carb caps, glass attachments, or coils. Check the accessories page or consult a retailer for compatible accessories and upgrades.

How do I properly set up and use a smart rig for the best possible experience?

To set up and use a smart rig, first assemble the device according to the Yocan's instructions, then power it on and select your desired temperature and duration setting. Once heated, apply your concentrate or dry herb and inhale gently for the best experience.

What are the pros and cons of using a smart rig compared to other consumption methods?

The pros of using a smart rig include precise temperature control, an enhanced flavor experience, and ease of use. Cons may include a higher price tag, requires regular charging, and potentially more complicated. maintenance.

Where can I purchase a smart rig, and what should I consider when choosing a retailer?

Smart rigs can be purchased online, at specialty stores, or through authorized retailers. When choosing a retailer, consider factors such as reputation, customer reviews, and available support or warranties.