Jet Black

Sky Blue


Red Hot

  • High resolution:

    1-degree increments

    Blue Blaze (450°F-525°F)

    Optimal flavor, minimal vapor output

    Green Inferno (526°F-600°F)

    Equilibrium of taste and vapor

    Red Hot (601°F-675°F)

    Intense vapor coupled with rich flavor

    Ultra White (676°F-750°F)

    Maximum vapor, ideal for larger dabs

Size and Weight

Height 7.64 inch (194.30 mm)

Width: 3.30 inches (83.90 mm)

Depth: 2.14 inches (54.40 mm)

Weight: 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg)


Depth: Open

Diameter: Open

Temperature: 450°F‑to‑750°F

Resistance Range: >0.30 Ω

Auto mode:

Double-tap to start, 30s Auto Cut off, (White light flash 10 times)

On-demand mode:

Hold to start, 30s Auto Cut off, (White light flash 10 times)


Tap or hold plus or minus to change, (Temperature light color flash 10 times)

  • External Buttons and Connectors
    USB C
    Power and Battery

    Up to 100 hits

    Up to 70 hits

    Up to 45 hits

    Up to 35 hits

    • Built‑in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery 1800mAh
    • Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
    • Thermocouple
    Built-in Features
    In the Box
    • Phaser MAX (TGT coil pre-installed)
    • Extra TGT Coil
    • Pick Tool
    • 4 Feet Type-C USB Cable
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Instructions Manual
    Add Water

    Detach the glass percolator from the body, and fill it with water through the mouthpiece opening up to the marked line.


    Place concentrate into the coil and reattach the glass percolator to the body.

    Power On

    Press the button five times within 2 seconds. The white light will flash five times.

    Adjust to Preferred Setting

    Press the plus or minus button. The temperature color light will flash five times.

    Blue Blaze (450°F-525°F)
       Optimal flavor, minimal vapor output.
    Green Inferno (526°F-600°F)
       Balanced taste and vapor.
    Red Hot (601°F-675°F)
       Intense vapor with rich flavor.
    Ultra White (676°F-750°F)
       Intense vapor with rich flavor.
    Choose Desired Mode

    Auto-mode: Press the button twice to start. On-demand mode: Press and hold the button to begin vaping. After 30 seconds of use, the white light will flash ten times, indicating the coil has stopped heating.

    Power off or repeat

    Press the button five times within 2 seconds to power off or review by placing more concentrate

    • Change, water, often
    • Clean coil often of unwanted residue with Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol or preferred solvent.
    • Clean underneath the coil and the airway between the coil and the glass percolator.
    • To stay already, and have the best experience charge regularly via USB-C or wireless.
    System Requirements
      • Compatible coil (Two coils are included)
      • Water for percolator
      • Regular water renewal
      • Regular charging
      • Regular cleaning
    Environmental Requirements
    Operating ambient temperature:

    32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)

    Nonoperating temperature:

    −4° to 113° F (−20° to 45° C)

    Relative humidity:

    5% to 95% noncondensing

    Operating altitude:

    tested up to 10,000 feet (3000 m)

    Safety Warning & Instructions

    Please read information carefully before using the product and keep it in a safe place

    Safety Warning

  • Do not expose the device to extreme     temperatures.
  • Do not charge your battery through a car.
  • Do nots over charge or charge unattended.
  • Do nots use the device while charging.
  • Do nots disassemble the device or change the battery.
    • Contact your direct seller or Yocan manufacturer for after-sale support:
    • Safety Cut off: The white light will flash 10 times and stop working when the device heating continuously for more than 30 seconds. No coil: White light flashes 3 times. Short-circuit: Red light flashes 5 times. Low battery: Red light flash 10 times and stop working.
    Keep the device away from any environment involving strong acids, alkaline, combustible materials, water, or any other liquids. Do not keep in hot cars or store above the room temperature of 74F. Do not use damaged batteries. If the battery casing is damaged, discontinue use and safely recycle the battery. Do not use the battery if contacts become exposed to solid or liquid matter. Shorts can result in fire or an explosion of a battery. Do not touch coils when hot. Severe burns can result in. Do not touch hot material. Severe burns can result in. If the device gets too hot in use, please stop using it for a while. Not for use with nicotine or other nicotine salt products. Not an ENDS device
    People under 21 years of age are not permitted to purchase or use this device. Non-smokers, children, and women breastfeeding should not use this product. The device is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases or other conditions. The manufacturers and sellers will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale or use of any merchandise.